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At Fantacy of Flight (I flew in, invited be Kermett)371 viewsFrom Western Wyoming to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Caymans, Mexico and all places inbetween! - N89WD
Grand son enjoying first flight with Grand father611 views
Fun to Fly 2010 Sweeps Remos GX1063 views
Run Up and Run Away281 viewsP-511 comments
A380, regal in flight, AirVenture 2009676 views
Restored AN-2 SP-FAV411 viewsPositioning on tarmac before flt, Valencia Nov,8th 2011
STAYING POWER1400 viewsAt a fly-in event at the airport in Olney, TX. This Army Apache stole the show. The AMAZING thing was the Army Aviator who flew this up from Fort Hood, was a Cobra pilot in VIETNAM. Man, does that aviator have some great DNA! 37 years after flying a Cobra in Nam, the guy is still passing his medicals (and muster) and now as an "old-guy" like me, he is flying the most lethal helicopter in the world... GO ARMY
741 viewsEdwards Air Force Fly-In. Thunderstorm threatening to push us out early.

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154 viewsJul 06, 2014
Late Afternoon Flying.280 viewsA DH-82A flies above the clouds late in the afternoon. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Tiger Moth Sunset223 viewsA DH-82A flies into a glorious sunset outside of Melbourne, Australia. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Toledo, IA runway 35145 viewsJul 04, 2014
On end of runway 17171 viewsJul 04, 2014
Wash & Wax389 viewsI had just finished washing and waxing my Cirrus SR 22. After putting her back in the hanger, I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
KSEZ471 viewsI had just landed at The airport in Sedona, AZ, and was unloading my plane when I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
Tessies 308 viewsJul 04, 2014