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A Grand Entrance!...626 viewsWhat a great way to start the airshow this year at Punta Gorda, Florida!
We had super weather both days, and the jumpers did a great job of landing just where they were supposed too. Even though it was windy on Sunday's show- That's the BIGGEST flag I ever saw deployed by one guy hanging from a chute!
Ken Aucoin's Sportsman1476 viewsLooking Good!1 comments
Holiday Valley Ski Resort in Ellicotville, NY464 views
American Airlines Flagship Detroit DC-31197 viewsA lucky encounter my flight instructor and I had at a stop on a dual cross country. Photo Taken at KSYI (Shelbyville Airport)1 comments
Line Up and wait293 viewsWaiting for takeoff at KMEM
600 KIAS3305 viewsAn F-16 "Fighting Falcon" at 600 knots indicated -- just shy of Mach One -- makes a low pass down runway 27 at Volk Field ANGB (VOK), Camp Douglas, WI during their biennial open house and fly-in, 21 August 2010. The pilot of this F-16 was from the Viper East Demo Team, Shaw AFB (SSC), SC ~ Image by Gary Dikkers.
birdnest in my cessna 170762 viewsA few wisps of straw sticking out under the aluminum shrouds were all that showed of the nest with 4 eggs that an industrious mamabird had installed between those Continental cylinders in only a week's time. I always check. Sorry, Mama, you have to get your chicks in the air by teaching them yourself.2 comments
T82 - Approach to 1477 views

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135 viewsJul 06, 2014
Late Afternoon Flying.241 viewsA DH-82A flies above the clouds late in the afternoon. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Tiger Moth Sunset196 viewsA DH-82A flies into a glorious sunset outside of Melbourne, Australia. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Toledo, IA runway 35126 viewsJul 04, 2014
On end of runway 17142 viewsJul 04, 2014
Wash & Wax333 viewsI had just finished washing and waxing my Cirrus SR 22. After putting her back in the hanger, I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
KSEZ410 viewsI had just landed at The airport in Sedona, AZ, and was unloading my plane when I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
Tessies 260 viewsJul 04, 2014