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The MFR 598 viewsThe MFR tower from the East Ramp during a winter sunset
Truax Field ~ 115th Fighter Wing952 viewsTruax Field - Dane County Regional Airport (MSN), Madison, WI. Truax is home to the 115th Fighter Wing, Wisconsin Air National Guard, and is on the east side of Dane County Regional. The 115th flies the F-16 "Fighting Falcon" ~ Image by Gary Dikkers.
CALSTAR855 viewsCALSTAR's Agusta at UVMC
Clintonville Muni (CLI), Clintonville, WI1028 viewsClintonville Municipal (CLI), Clintonville, WI. Clintonville is home to the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) the first company in the United States to make trucks with four-wheel drive. They now make primarily snow removal equipment, heavy haulers, and fire trucks. ~ Image by Gary Dikkers
The world's largest Christmas Ornament578 viewsPaint scheme inspired by Hallmark's 2012 Cessna 172 Skyhawk Sky's the Limit Airplane Ornament making this the world's largest Christmas Ornament.
DC-32200 viewsDC-3 waiting for warmer weather...1 comments
2006 FD CTSW over Kemah, TX588 viewsfrom a formation flight with a Cessna 120 and a Pitts S-1 conducted on Veteran's Day 2009.
Approaching Staniel Cay from the northwest on 7 October 2013102 views

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186 viewsJul 06, 2014
Late Afternoon Flying.325 viewsA DH-82A flies above the clouds late in the afternoon. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Tiger Moth Sunset269 viewsA DH-82A flies into a glorious sunset outside of Melbourne, Australia. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Toledo, IA runway 35179 viewsJul 04, 2014
On end of runway 17215 viewsJul 04, 2014
Wash & Wax452 viewsI had just finished washing and waxing my Cirrus SR 22. After putting her back in the hanger, I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
KSEZ540 viewsI had just landed at The airport in Sedona, AZ, and was unloading my plane when I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
Tessies 365 viewsJul 04, 2014