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182 Sealane225 viewsTaken on the way to Homer AK from another 182 Sealane
Alaska Bush Flying7022 viewsThere is nothing like flying into your own lake, separated from civilization, in the middle of the wilderness. 5 comments
931 viewsGreat side view of that P - 47 Thunderbold at Paine Field today. Actually met 3 of the Pilots that flew this beauty back in , " The Day." I honor them and surely let them know it today.
Right wing of B17 in flight1861 viewsThe radials look massive from inside.1 comments
AOOA Fly-in in Zambia1408 viewsFly-in at Kawa airstrip near Mkushi (in Zambia, Africa) May 2009
RVJ after runway extension385 views(KRVJ) Reidsville Municipal Airport with our new 5000 foot Runway
This one's for you Hermann...592 viewsThat's Goring ahead in his Albatros D III while in command of Jasta 27 in the summer of 1917, I'm in my favorite steed... the SE-5A Viper. This screen shot is from Over Flanders Fields flight Sim, and is the best WWI sim out there in my view! If you look close you can see my tracers are a little behind him, but I flamed him in my next burst!
Image by Jeff Smith
King Air F904017 views

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686 viewsJul 06, 2014
Late Afternoon Flying.725 viewsA DH-82A flies above the clouds late in the afternoon. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Tiger Moth Sunset641 viewsA DH-82A flies into a glorious sunset outside of Melbourne, Australia. Pic: Mark SmithJul 05, 2014
Toledo, IA runway 35517 viewsJul 04, 2014
On end of runway 17556 viewsJul 04, 2014
Wash & Wax938 viewsI had just finished washing and waxing my Cirrus SR 22. After putting her back in the hanger, I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
KSEZ1101 viewsI had just landed at The airport in Sedona, AZ, and was unloading my plane when I noticed this view. Jul 04, 2014
Tessies 825 viewsJul 04, 2014